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The Network Department

The Network Department

by June 27, 2015

Focused on our network developing and enlargement, this department establishes new contacts that will be then activated through the other departments’ activities: European NGOs, Cultural Institutes, Governmental Institutions, Fundations, Festivals. It also coordinates the internal network activities. For this two purposes, it promotes internal meetings in countries where NISI MASA is present and meetings with partners and potential partners’ organisations.

The Network Department coordinates the elections for NISI MASA positions and the democratic process within our organisation, and constantly promotes its better functioning. It is also the platform where volunteers and interns are recruited.

One of the most powerful events organized under the frame of this department was  “GENERATOR: youth audiovisual forum”,  a trans-national youth seminar in Strasbourg, France (January 25 – 27, 2013). The forum has debated on how young people can have access to European culture and express themselves thanks to audiovisual tools, this being a first step to active European citizenship. Thus the core of the project is really about reflecting on the potential active role of youth as part of the present and future of Europe. During three days, participants have attended numerous and interesting activities such as: Debates/ Presentations/ One-to-one meetings/ Group Workshops (Scriptwriting, Film Lab, Kino Kabare) Screenings/ Project fair.

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