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Slovenia – Film Factory

Slovenia – Film Factory

by June 29, 2015

 FDFF_LOGO_03FILM FACTORY  is a young, film-loving association based in Maribor, Slovenia.

Here is how they present themselves:

Since our quest for a unique story, perfect frame and best cut began, we push ourselves beyond our limits in telling stories. Besides establishing international dimension, we are always looking for big opportunities to learn new things and appreciating cooperation with talented artists from all over the world. Creating moving images and educating next generations of film audience is our biggest passion.

Strong dedication and desire to try and learn new things enable our deeply connected team progress in our biggest love – film. We bring characters to live and point out our deepest thoughts through fiction.

Sharing our knowledge by educating youth into a critical audience, giving them a chance to develop their skills and create their own films.

Most intimate and intensive educational program consists of theory and practise. Students experience the whole process of creating their own film from idea to premiere.

Simulation of shooting process of film by presenting film crew and usage of film equipment that offer students a unique experience on film set.

Theoretical part which shows beginner listeners a bigger picture about film industry and gives advanced listeners knowledge on specific topics.

By using visual trends of tomorrow, we bring vision to reality. Our personal approach stands out with flexibility, professionalism and positive working atmosphere that provides best co-working experience and makes our creations remarkable.

Discover them here: website / blog / facebook / twitter/ instagram/ youtube/ vimeo