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Serbia – Filmkultura

Serbia – Filmkultura

by June 29, 2015

filmkultura logoFILMKULTURA is an organization dedicated to education in audiovisual culture and art, whose goal is the stimulation of a critical approach in the specified fields.

This kind of program focuses greatly on children and youth audience, especially on their initiation into the world of audiovisual media and culture. “Filmkultura” also stimulates linkage between film professionals, as well as their perfecting and specialization. The guiding idea of “Filmkultura” is to revive the cinema culture, and the culture of watching audiovisual content in general, as well as to substantiate the audiences awareness with theoretical knowledge.

“Filmkultura” finds its place in mediating between talented authors and demanding viewers, and its main cause is creating and shaping this part of the cultural space.

“Filmkultura” intends to provide and realize:

– education projects in the field of audiovisual culture and art intended for wide audience
– improvement programs for students, young authors and professionals in the field of audiovisual art
– gathering place and a society of authors, critics and audiovisual art lovers

Their projects are:

– MINI FILM – is an educational program designed for children and young people, age 5 to 14, with the aim to popularize film art among the youngest audience. MINI FILM have been held in 11 towns in Serbia, 2 times in each of them in the last year – in total that’s 22 weekends, more than 700 children and 22 films made by those children.

– NATIONAL FILM DAYS – NFD – been held once a month in 11 towns in Serbia and over a twelve-month period the total of 14 films directed by Serbian authors have been presented. After each screening the audience had the opportunity to talk with the film authors. NATIONAL FILM DAYS is a program dedicated to the promotion of national film works.

– THE SHORTEST DAY is a one-day festival dedicated to short film, organized by “Filmkultura” and Dom Omladine Beograd, in cooperation with European Film Academy. ”The Shortest Day” is held on December 21st, the shortest day of the year, which was proclaimed as the World Short Film Day because of its symbolism, and as such it is celebrated around the world with the purpose of promotion and popularization of short film. 2014 was the second edition of the program, and unlike the first edition, it was held not only in Belgrade, but also in 10 more towns in Serbia. For 2015 the plan is to organize a bigger edition; with more screenings in public spaces, such as: buses, post offices, billboards, shops etc

– Marija Stojanović presented Filmkultura and their new project “What I See” in the frame of prestigious training program SOFA – School of Film Agents. ”What I See” is a long-term project of film literacy implementation within the elementary education institutions in Serbia – stage 2 development, lobbying, research, funding and preparing for the pilot in year 2016.

Discover them here: website / facebook / instagram / youtube