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NISI MASA Network Members

NISI MASA Network Members

by June 29, 2015

nisimasaga by euphoria

If you are an non – profit organization in Europe whose main aim is to promote cinema and young film talents you can become a member of NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema.

Here is the list of our current network members.

Click on their names and find out more about each and every one!
Albania – d’Art Association – First Step Film Festival

Austria – Kino5

Bosnia and Herzegovina – International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus

Bulgaria – SEVEN

Croatia – KinoKlub Zagreb 

Czech Republic – Kino Praha

Czech Republic – In Vitr0

Denmark – Aarhus Short Film Challenge

Estonia – NISI MASA Estonia

Finland – Euphoria Borealis

France – Festival du cinema de Brive

Germany – Munich Film Society

Germany – Kino Datsche


Italy – Lago Film Fest 

Kosovo – 7 Arte

Lithuania – Kaunas International Film Festival

Luxembourg – Filmreakter

Luxembourg – LARS

Macedonia – Cre8iv8 

Montenegro –  Cinemapolis

Netherlands – Breaking Ground

Norway – Filmkraft

Poland – Ad Arte

Portugal – FEST Associação Cultural

Russia – Moviement

Serbia – Filmkultura

Slovenia – Film Factory

Spain – Cinestesias

Ukraine – Cinema Hall

Ukraine – Wiz Art

United Kingdom – Encounters


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