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ESP 2016 – The Confessions

ESP 2016 – The Confessions

by March 23, 2016

Katarzyna Gondek – Deer Boy

It was a pleasure and a great experience! I deeply appreciate the fact that my „Deer Boy” film could be confronted with so many interesting views and sensibilities. The organizers of this event are for sure driven and dedicated! I would recommend this workshop to everybody who is open to search throw his own idea in their assistance! Thank you ESPeople!

Aristotelis Maragkos – Kafka’s collection of porn

Excellent experience, beautiful projects and seems like we are going to make our film.

Tom Floyd – Kafka’s collection of porn

European Short Pitch 2016 was a great experience for me. We traveled to beautiful Vilnius and got a stimulating variety of responses and points-of-view and notes on our script, from the organisers and tutors and our many talented fellow participants. It really helped me as a writer focus my thinking about the project and develop the final draft, and as a team we discovered the best way to pitch it in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In the second stage we went to Luxembourg and had success in presenting it to producers there. This was incredibly encouraging  both for me personally and for the project.  I met a lot of amazing filmmakers and made some new friends. It was a lot of fun and very useful so I can’t recommend ESP highly enough.

Thanasis Neofotistos – Patision Avenue

The ESP 2016 (Nisi Masa) was one of the greatest experiences of my life! New friends, great networking, many opportunities with co-productions and collaboration!  With ESP I realised that being part of the European Film Industry-Family is what I want!

Charlotte Wolf – Piligrim

I had a fantastic experience on the European Short Pitch. The tutors really helped me interrogate my ideas and clarify what my story is about, and I loved discussing scripts with the other participants from across Europe. I came away with a lot of inspiration and new ideas, and had some great discussions with producers after the pitching session. Thank you to everyone from Nisi Masa for organising such a great event.

Franco Dipietro – Chernobyl (works in progress)

I couldn’t be more happy about my participation at European Short Pitch WIP, and not just because we won a price. The price is super effective as we closed the financing of our short with that. And that’s amazing. But I’m also considering, as much as the price, the great networking experience and the fact that we’re very close to sign a deal with a A class international sales agent we met during the one-to-one session that fell in love with our short. I will always be satisfied about ESP and the guys of Nisi Masa and I will try to support them as much as I can, as well they did with me.

Floor Adams – Mind My Mind (works in progress)

ESP to me was the perfect way to see that my project has a chance be successful. A lot of critical, film minded people with love for stories. And in my case, an audience that’s willing to look beyond a rough animatic, and producers that are seriously interested in collaboration. Fantastic.

Karolis Kaupinis – Watchkeeping (works in progress)

Showing your film to an audience for the first time is quite a nervous experience, more so if the film is unfinished – the so called work in progress. One must find an audience with mutual trust for such a business. ESP provides both such an audience and a cozyathmosphere to undress your intentions. Besides, the award for that isn’t only a pat on your back, it’s an opportunity to finish what you’ve begun. I’ve been extremely grateful for getting it.