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ESP 2019 – The Confessions

ESP 2019 – The Confessions

by April 30, 2019

Lyubo Yonchev – “Goodnight, pal

European Short Pitch was a great start to my project. Working with our mentor, Britta Krause, helped me understand the structure of the short film in more details. The way she worked with us was extremely psychological. She provoked us to think and be creative. Whenever I offered her several options for the script, she answered me, “Don’t forget that I’m not your co-writer. I’m here to give you directions”. And she really gave me great directions.

I can’t also hide my extraordinary admiration for the ESP team – Wim, Marija, Jerome and of course Lauma, who was non-stop in communication with us. Even for a moment, I didn’t see the fatigue in the eyes of anyone in this team. On the contrary, all the time, each of them was smiling and ready to answer any of our questions or to help us.

And last, but not least, I want to express my sincere thanks to all the participants with whom I had the opportunity to share my project and to hear their opinions and recommendations. This brainstorming helped me to rewrite my script,even in inconspicuous details.

Nikos Avgoustidis – “Apallou”

For those who want to take part in a program of script tutoring, pitching training and efficient networking , then ESP event is the place to be . Besides being thankful for the organization and hard work of the coordinators and tutors, I feel that the soul of the program are the participants and the moments we share in between the sessions and seminars. So I would like to thank this bunch of dreamers Mirko, Miguel, Nayeem, Ninna, Tomasso, Sanja, Jurga, Marija, Jakov, Lidija, Kate, Pauline, Daniel, Michiel, Britt, Slava, Lyubo, Suzannah, Damian, who shared their cinematic visions and hugged mine.

Kate Voet – “The Tears of Things”

The entire ESP experience and the whole NISI MASA team enriched my project hugely. I’m lucky to have worked on the script with tutors Nadja Dumouchel and Pierre Hodgson, who complemented each other intuitively in their approach. The teams were carefully formed, and all were assigned to the tutors that matched us and our projects perfectly. Everything was organized with care and a tireless love for film. I felt blessed sharing this experience with 15 talented and extremely generous filmmakers – obsessing with them over film love and our scripts was a precious adventure. I managed to turn a first draft of the script into a story that’s far more intimate and closer to my intentions than I could have arrived at on my own. Pitching the project in front of an audience of producers and distributors made me ready to move the project into its next phase. Very much looking forward to seeing all the films and keeping in touch with everyone.

Pauline Pelsy-Johann – “The Season of Seagulls”

“European Short Pitch” was for me a great professional and personal adventure. The sessions in Sofia, Bulgaria for the accompaniment to the writing, and in Brest for the pitch, marked a turning point for my short film project and made it possible to specify and affirm my personal universe.

I benefited from writing coaches like Pierre Hodgson and Nadja Dumouchel who supported the development of the writing for my characters and the narrative structure. I was able to pull the threads so that the dramatic progression became more efficient, all while making sure to keep an organic and sincere writing. The meeting with other European authors was very rewarding: I became friends with some with whom I have today co-writing projects.

Ivo Nikolov – “Goodnight, pal

I can only say excellent words about the event and the team behind ESP 2019. It was a great pleasure and a privilege to be part of this pitch with project “Goodnight Pal”. We had important co-production meetings and received notes from different people, which improved a script of ours a lot. I really hope that soon we will see each other again. Thank you for the opportunity NISI MASA and ESP team!

Marija Apcevska – “The North Pole”

I have never developed a screenplay through a workshop before and ESP was my first experience of this kind. It’s definitely the best thing that can happen to a project in development!  Not only I got a chance to improve it but also to meet a wonderful group of people and share wonderful times together in Sofia and Brest. I strongly recommend it and hoping to be part of it again in future.

Mirko Genduso – “Fires”

When my screenplay was selected for ESP 2019, I felt sure it would have been a beautiful experience. I felt sure and inspired, thanks to the atmosphere created by the NISI MASA team, the feedback sessions and all the lunches and dinner we had together. ESP can definitely change your point of view. The screenwriting Lab in Sofia was intense but never stressing, thanks to the patient work of tutors like Nadja Dumouchel, who helped me to better face dramaturgy in writing, and thanks to all the suggestions made by other participants, which I can call friends now. ESP 2019 was fundamental for me, it allowed me to create collaborations with producers and co-producers from all over Europe, thanks to the organisation in the co-production forum, which I think was just flawless. Long live NISI MASA! Long live short films!