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ESP 2018: Work-In-Progress Consultants

ESP 2018: Work-In-Progress Consultants

by March 16, 2018

Meet the consultants of ESP:  Work-In-Progress 2018!

Ben Vandendaele

Ben Vandendaele is a versatile producer based in Brussels where he studied Audiovisual Techniques at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound. He has gathered experience in various film-related settings: as a digital image technician, film editor and a vault manager. He is the founder of two companies: the production company Bekke Films that supports provocative cinema and authors with a purpose and Radiator IP Sales with which he has represented, distributed and sold a total of 80 short and 3 feature films to date. The films have been selected for multiple international film festivals, including Berlinale, Clermont-Ferrand, Sundance, SXSW, Locarno, Venice and others. For the moment he’s busy with several international co-productions and the development of a film distribution – platform.


David Verdurme

David Verdurme, a Belgian editor, finished his studies at RITS film school in Brussels with the editing of Gust Van den Berghe’s Little Baby Jesus of Flandr, selected for the 2010 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. He hasn’t slowed down since. His work ranges from rigorous art house films, to comedy, children’s films and documentary.