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ESP 2018 – The Confessions

ESP 2018 – The Confessions

by June 14, 2018

Galaxy Spanos – “Beyond the River”

ESP was one big adventure for me. I got the chance to travel to Vilnius and Poznan and meet amazingly talented directors, handpicked one by one, with their own unique universe. At the Workshop I was fortunate to work with Razvan Radulescu as a Tutor, who helped me find the true essence of my script and to reach its full potential. This ongoing process from the Workshop to the Pitching was crucial for my project. The always dreaded moment of the pitching was bearable thanks to this work and the advises from all the ESP team. We got meaningful feedback and met with Producers that where sincerely interested in our project and that could hopefully lead to a co-production. I am really grateful to be part of the ESP family.

Istvan Hevesi – “Deer”

Being a participant of European Short Pitch was a truly inspiring experience on many levels. I got a lot of insightful comments on my script from the mentors and fellow filmmakers. I was able to improve my pitching skills. Had the chance to meet producers who were interested in my project. And last but not least: I met a bunch of amazing and interesting people from all over Europe. The whole event is very well organized and the tutors are professional and really motivated. I would definitely recommend ESP to anyone who wants to get the most out of a short film project.

Lea Triboulet – “Maissa”

ESP 2018 was an important step for my project, particularly in the scriptwriting and the networking. By the end of the workshop my script was finalised and ready to be presented in front of the panel of producers . The help of the tutors and my colleagues was very precious and gave me strength. All of this time creating together and exchanging ideas allowed me to develop my project to approach the emotion and the accuracy that requires an intimate film like mine. The scriptwriting residency and the pitching in Poznan were great experiences. Thank you and I’m looking forward to seeing our projects!

Leander Hanssen, Jr. – “Vengeance of the vixens”

To our surprise, my co-writer Niels Snoek and me were selected for ESP 2018 with an early draft of our splatter comedy, Vengeance of the Vixens.

Thanks to the clear, professional and friendly help of the young NISI MASA team, it was really easy and comfortable to travel to and stay in Vilnius and Poznan. Obviously, it was a wonderful opportunity to stay and work in such beautiful towns.

The workshops, given by Leonardo Staglianó, were intense, but extremely helpful. He really pushed us into thinking about our story in a dramaturgical and logical way, without putting the fun factorat risk. Also, he gave me some pitching tips which I will always remember.

To conclude with the best part: meeting young directors from all over Europe. A diverse crowd with the same passion: CINEMA.

I loved it!

Michalina Fabijanska – “Home Sweet Home”

ESP was the perfect start for our film “Home Sweet Home”. Very valuable workshops helped me to improve our story and to give it the final shape. It was an important experience to confront my first script with tutors, other participating filmmakers and international producers. It gave me a large dose of positive energy and inspired me to work on next stories. I would recommend it to everyone, especially to those at the beginning of their filmmaking path.

Rhys Marc Jones – “Pale Saint”

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at the European Short Pitch – my script definitely improved and it reignited my desire to push through with the project. Lessons and friends I will take forward in life.

Teymour Gambarov – “Quxuroba”

Great team. I was happy to be with them all these days. It was my first experience and it was priceless. Thanks to the whole NISI MASA and ESP team, which provided an opportunity to show what I worked on for about two years. I really hope that soon we will see each other again. This is a great opportunity for young people to prove themselves.