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ESP 2017 Awards

ESP 2017 Awards

by March 14, 2017









The coproduction forum, as the final session of ESP 2017, will take place from the 23rd till the 26th of March 2017 in Poznan, Poland as part of the Poznan Industry Days, in the context of the Short Waves Festival, in partnership with Ad Arte and with the support of the City of Poznan.

Participants will have one day to prepare and rehearse their pitching with their tutors. The pitching, in the presence of invited professionals, will take place on the 25th of March, each project having 7 minutes – questions included. With in addition to that, specifically for the Works-in-Progress, a screening of the work-in-progress.

One-to-one meetings (20 minutes long) with professionals will start in the afternoon of the 25th, and will continue the morning after. On the evening of the 25th an award ceremony will take place, at 8pm, at Pawilon Nowa Gazownia. 

The aim of this session is to create a platform of promotion for the projects selected, to encourage encounters and collaborations between film professionals and to initiate short film coproductions.

We are thrilled to present to you this year’s awards:


ESP awards 

  • given to the projects taking part in European Short Pitch, 11th edition


3 money awards of €1.000 each will be awarded by the City of Poznan, as voted by the audience of invited professionals

Aubagne International Film Festival award – European market for film music composition – 3rd Character

One project will be invited for the next edition of the Festival to find and meet their potential music composer.


WIP awards

  • given to the projects taking part in the ESP Works-in-Progress Pitch, 2nd edition 
  • handed out by a jury headed by the representatives of the respective companies


Sound award, given by Studio Puk and its representative, Kasia Szczerba

Studio Puk will be offering soundtrack consulting and sound editing, to prepare for a 5.1 mix. 

Image correction award, given by Jaroslaw Piekarski

Jaroslaw will be offering compositing/VFX services.

Distribution Award, given by Radiator IP Sales and its representative, Ben Vandendaele

One of the WIP projects will be distributed and promoted by Radiator IP Sales (Belgium).

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European Short Pitch 2017 – by NISI MASA 


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