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ESP 2015: Interview with Joseph Pierce

ESP 2015: Interview with Joseph Pierce

by March 17, 2015

The second victim of the Nisimazine raid in the ESP headquarters is a master of delicate dark humor, meet Joseph Pierce.

Before us we have Joseph Pierce, a real gentleman in all the good meanings of the word.
Multi-award winning for his animation short films, he now challenges himself towards
live-action with The Baby Shower.
– An unexpected baby shower is the starting point of your new short. Can you tell us something
more about the story?
Pierce: It’s about a couple that turns home to a surprise baby shower. Once the celebration startsand
certainly when it dies down- it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.
– Did the story lend itself more to live-action or was there another reason for this change of pace?
Pierce: I think it was because I already made three animation shorts (Stand Up, A Family Portrait
and The Pub) and they sort of formed a nice trilogy. I didn’t really meant it to be like that but people
considered it done. So, for me, it seems like a natural progression to try a new challenge. I want to
see if I can create the same atmosphere and effect with a live-action short.
– Did the process of writing a script for a live-action short feel like a big shift?
Pierce: For me it was only slightly different. I had to write a lot more dialogue and develop the
characters in a different way. But my animated scripts could almost be live-action and it’s not until
after the shoot that I really add the animation, so the writing process is kind of similar.
– You have quite an impressive CV (WINNING PRIZES at mayor short film festivals as
Encounters, Clermont Ferrand, etc.) already. What did you gain from this ESP experience?
Pierce: I am quite old if that’s what you mean [Laughs]. No, I try to put all my previous experiences
aside and make the best of the present and be happy. Even without the pitching, European Short
Pitch was a win-win situation. The script progressed massively; from Poland to Luxembourg I
completely changed it. And the process has been REWARDING too because on my own I
wouldn’t have transformed the script into what it is now.

– And what brings the future?
Pierce: Well, I’m keeping my OPTIONS open but after this I would love to make an animated
feature for children. I definitely want to keep on progressing with live-action too but I’m not
forgetting about my roots in animation.

By Matthias Van Hijfte

Here you can find more information about the project.

We definitely want to encourage you to see his short films made available on Vimeo.
Trust us, you will love them! Click here.