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ESP 2015: Interview with Gorana Jovanovic

ESP 2015: Interview with Gorana Jovanovic

by March 18, 2015

The third one on the list of Nisimazine’s most wanted, the witty Serbian Gorana Jovanovic.

In our chair we welcome Gorana Jovanovic, a woman who dazzles with her spot on
expressiveness. She is ready to release all of her history devils in her short Requiem for
– Curiously, singing statues are a big part of your short, how did an idea like that root in your
Jovanovic: Well, I always wanted to be a part of a choir but I never really had the courage to
audition for them and I also wanted to make a career as a sculptor but you can’t be all at once. So, I
thought I’ll go for the fabulous career as a filmmaker and then make sculpting something of a hobby
when I’m old and wrinkly.
– The main bust in your short is one of Lenin on an island far away in the north of Norway, why this
particular statue?
Jovanovic: I was just interested in the theme of forgetting the past and the dangers that come with
that. It is a very important issue for me and also for the people living in the region from where I
come (Eastern Europe, Serbia). But then again, I think it’s a global issue. The way I wanted to
express this topic comes from my personal passions. The music and the sculptures are things I love
and wanted to blend into the story. This sculpture of Lenin in Norway just seemed right for the job.
– How did your project evolve in these last months?
Jovanovic: When I applied for European Short Pitch the script was only 4 pages long. I really
wanted to make it as a capsule or little bomb, something very small but really powerful. Of course,
the script progressed and has broadened a bit. All of the ideas were there but I still had to merge
them together. Really helpful in that matter was the fact that the whole experience pushed you to
invest in other people’s projects and then you get more from other people as well.
– And what are the next steps towards bringing this alive? Already dreaming of a particular festival?
Jovanovic: Talking about screening it in festivals is still kind of way too far ahead of me. I want to
see how it turns out first, the script is there but there’s still so much more to do now. So I don’t see
the film anywhere yet, at least not at this moment.

By Matthias Van Hijfte

Here you can find more information about the project.